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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Paris is Free Day!

Paris will be released today.
She will save the world.
Please drink responsibly.

Hollywood's Wasting Epidemic Continues

Jaslene Gonzalez, America's Next Top Model winner Cycle 8
Photo is from TheSkinnyWebsite. There is talk in the comments that the above photo of Ms. J was photo shopped. I doubt it. Even so, there's no question the girl is thin: The yellow dress picture is also posted on gossip site Dlisted. What I find most interesting in these posts, per usual, are the comments. Of course, God only knows who these people commenting are. They could be 10-year olds, for all I know.

Paradoxical Bunny, at Dlisted, says: "The person who aspires to this body type is caught in a vortex of raging, obsessive, self-hatred, and is playing a starvation game that cannot be won - because, short of kickin it in a casket, there is no "thin enough", right? ... If only anos could know how loudly it screams to the rest of us how insecure and self-loathing they really are, and how precisely the opposite of appealing, attractive, successful and sexual that whole persona really is. Sad? yes. But personally I find it ignorant. IMHO, of course."
("Anos?") When a person with an ED gets as skinny as Jaslene, s/he is far beyond caring about if the general population finds bones attractive. In fact, often s/he will dress to hide this thinness exactly so ass backward, armchair psychs like Bunny Freud won't feel a need to comment on her/his appearance. Folks with EDs know very well, thank you, about "insecurity" and especially "self loathing." "If only Anos could know," my ass. If only people with EDs could not know. IMHO, of course.
Conky (Dlisted) says: "Give that poor girl a sammich."
Miss Priss (Dlisted): "Damn bitch, eat an eggroll or three!
Aimz (Dlisted): "Someone give her a steak or something!"
iHeartHaters (Dlisted): "She needs some Tiger's Milk bars and a Protein shake."
Zeenie (Dlisted): "Tyra needs to take this ho to dinner."
Rebetta (Skinny): "I feel like sending her some money for a meal."
Kelly (Skinny):"I just want to give her an apple or something."
Here we go again with the "Eat a hamburger already!" thing. As overused and as unclever as "LOL! I think I just peed myself a little" or "Ew! I threw up in my mouth a little." (I hate the cutesy "sammich" used by adults. Where does this come from? I never said "sammich" as a child, ever. ) I don't know why these types of comments annoy me so. I guess it feels a bit like saying "Why doesn't she just leave?" to a woman in a DV situation or "Why don't they just get a job?" to a homeless person.
Like it's that easy, that neatly solved.

Rose Petal (Dlisted): "Why the hell would they let an anorexic, ugly girl win? Tyra is always saying how we should love ourselves and embrace our bodies, but obviously this chick does not, or she wouldn't have an eating disorder."

Rebetta (Skinny): "I vow to never watch that show or support Tyra Banks again. I have never seen a bigger hypocrite. After she gained weight and was made fun of by the tabloids, she tried to act all self righteous. She was all about the 'younger women that look up to her,' and how her being called fat might make them feel insecure about themselves. I think she has a big say in who gets the winning title, and this is very disappointing."

J (Skinny): "LOL, honestly, what tyra has done is shameful. first, defending plus size girls on her television talkshow, talking about how proud she is to be thicker, to embrace all sizes. THEN, adding plus size girls to ANTM and booting them off almost immediately–while allowing the obviously anorexic one to win. i wonder what tyra will have to say for herself when this girl ends up inpatient!! she made a HUGE mistake, here. she has a lot of repairing to do if she plans to continue promoting a healthy body/image. I BET the next ANTM winner WILL be plus size. i just bet."
There's some truth to this line of thinking, isn't there? What is up with all of that, Tyra?
iHeartHaters (Dlisted): "Who gives a fuck, let the bitch starve to death. That's what I say to anyone who is idiotic & ill enough to deny themselves food. Ditto for the fatties who can't keep away from the donuts. There are more serious issues in this world. Eating disorders are very selfish. I do not deny it's an illness, but it's extremely self-centered. Get therapy, quit thinking about your [GD] food intake and go volunteer at a shelter. There are others who need far greater help. Ok, rant is over."
Okay, Heartie, what you've just said is basically "I do not deny bipolar disorder, diabetes, etc. is an illness but it's extremely-self centered." (???) It's okay, though: even though you appear a dickhead, Heartie, what with "let the bitch starve to death" and "fatties" and "idiotic" and whatnot, you are clearly Mother Teresa in disguise with your volunteer shelter work and concern for those who need "greater help."

Josie (Skinny): "So we should all accept women who are 'curvy,' but as soon as a girl is too thin for your personal liking, 'Eww! Gross! No one should hire someone like that, she must be anorexic!' If you preach size-acceptance, practice it. I saw this season, and in my opinion she’s naturally thin. She’s young and I know many women in their early twenty’s and late teens who are still what you guys would call 'skeletal.' "
There is something to this last one as well.
In order to escape scrutiny, it appears a woman must be exactly "just right."
Except, of course, there's no such thing.
"Just right" is too fat for some, too thin for others.
Too bad we can't all just mind our own bodies.
I continue to be fascinated by the contradiction found in the argument that too-thin celebrities contribute to eating disorders and body hatred in women but that, regardless, over 60% of Americans are overweight. It doesn't make sense. If the media's love affair with skinny women is so damaging, why are so many of us overweight? (That said, Yo-yo dieting, diet fads, bulimia, very low calorie diets and other unhealthy methods of weight loss do mess up effective metabolism. An argument could be presented that the media emphasis on thin, as well as the weight-loss industry, directly effects obesity levels in this way.)
Here's something else: maybe some good has come out of the media's love affair with too thin women. Maybe extremely thin women like Jaslene and Nicole Richie have finally brought us to our senses?
I read all of the comments in the two Jaslene threads. They were, by far, of the "She's way to thin/disgusting" opinion. There's no way all of these folks are "Just jealous!" Because, with the exception of that damn Twiggy, never before have models and actresses been so thin.
Perhaps this extreme thin could be the beginning of the end of the too thin ideal?

Monday, June 25, 2007



Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hating Children

I'm late on this, but just stumbled across this post by Faith: WeHateChildren.

Well done, Faith. Because over-the-top child haters upset me so greatly and because any further discussion might make me say something I'll regret, I'll just leave it at that.

Other News You Really Care About: I am working on a bastard of a post which is giving me problems. Saved as Draft until and if I can rein it in.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just Because

Should I feel guilty about purchasing a pedigreed cat when pet overpopulation is such an issue?If you are purchasing from a reputable breeder the answer is a resounding NO.
Without responsible breeders many of the beautiful breeds you see in magazines, TV, and at cat shows would be extinct. Yes, extinct. It is estimated that pedigreed cats account for only 8% of the cat population. Responsible and reputable breeders are bettering their chosen breed by breeding only the best of their breed. They are doing their part to end overpopulation by selling their kittens on non breeding agreements that require spaying/neutering of their pet kittens or practicing early spay/neutering.

Reputable breeders carefully screen their adopters to help to ensure their cats will live a long happy life in a forever home and don't wind up in a shelter. When you purchase a pedigreed cat from a reputable breeder you are supporting the breed you love and helping to ensure the breed is here and healthy for a long time to come. Now that's something to feel good about!!
Only buy a PEDIGREED kitten from a responsible and ethical breeder! Do NOT buy from a breeder that is only breeding cats to make money, or a commercial large type "cattery" or a pet store!

AnnaZu get spayed on July 9th. I had to sign a breeding contract. There will be no kittens for AnnaZu. I don't mind that part -- cats in heat (shudder) and God knows I could never part with any of their kittens, so I'd never want to breed them.

But I am dreading, dreading, dreading the 9th.
Little Girl, gone in November, Doud gone in March.

I know, it's a routine operation but you never know. I've had very bad luck in vet hospitals lately. Everything dies.

If anything happens to them, I don't think I could bear it.