duminică, 23 ianuarie 2011

My PayPal Account Is ...

EDIT TWO: Because I can, I post my response to comments here:

Blech. I'm tired, under slept, overfed and sluggish of both body and intellect this morn. Off the top of my sloggy head:

I got no problems with advertisements on blogs, nor when I think about it, a "tip jar."
It WOULD be nice to get/give a few bucks when a blogger cranks out a really good post.

Really, it's none of my business who asks for money and who chooses to give money on blogs.
To each their own.

But hey:
I have well over $2K in debt, not including my mortgage. (It's considerably higher than that, but I'm embarrassed to name how much.) It causes me lots and lots of stress, this debt. I would like it gone.
AnnaZu get spayed on July 9th -- will cost me over $400.
My hours are also getting cut on July 1.
(Don't forget I am underpaid at work.)
We've promised The Pea an overnight trip to Boston for her birthday on June 30 -- more money.
Sometimes I write a pretty good post.
Often, I insert Funny into my posts.
I give you lots of kitten pictures.
I have a bunch of doc visits over the next 2 months, at a $25 co-pay.
We need an air conditioner and AnnaZu have long, hot fur!
I have zero dollars in my personal savings.
We haven't visited my husband's family/The Pea's other grandmother 1000 miles away in 8 years.
My mortgage just increased by $500 bucks.
I want a horse.
I need new running shoes.
Someone Pimped my Ride and I need $$ to depimp it -- I can't fit The Pea in the backseat anymore due to the size of those bass-boomin' woofers (or is it tweeters?)
Two words: gas prices.
I can't afford my therapist anymore, at $45 bucks a session. I don't feel I need therapy at the moment, but what if I do?
I am out of reading material and my library is open only at weird-ass hours.
Our kitchen and living room SERIOUSLY need to be overhauled. I HAVE DIRTY SUNFLOWER WALLPAPER IN MY KITCHEN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. And no built-in shelving for our TV, books, PlayStation and model horses. It causes me great pains.
I would like to quit my job and do one of the following:
1. Go back to school for a Masters/PhD in Social Work or Psych because wow, wouldn't it be the cat's ass to be a therapist who specialized in eating disorders because so many therapists who claim to have a clue have only a clue? I'm an excellent student, by the way, and very smart!
2. Obtain my certification in Therapeutic Riding -although it's a huge gamble that once I obtain this I will be able to find a position.
3. Work for fun and exercise at a stable with enough Magical Money coming in from somewhere to supplement my meagre groom income and pay for insurance.

I deserve every bit of the above.
I have a PayPal account, set up and ready to go.
If ya'll help me out, I promise to provide regular blog updates on What I Am Doing With Your Money.
Except, wait: I said I'd never accept cash.
You may send the money to The Walrus who will, as good friends do, force the money into my shaking, grateful hands as we unite in sisterhood under the moon. (The Walrus needs some new art supplies, a new sun porch and a lifetime supply of butter!)

The point being, well hell: we all need money.
What defines a "good cause" from a frivolous cause?
A worthy blogger from a not-so-worthy blogger?
And how do you know any of the above is true?
(I promise you The Walrus' butter need is crucial! I've seen her in a Walrus Rage when butterless!)
How do you know I am who I say I am?
How do you know I would use the money for any of the above?
I might take your money and buy Purple Ass Dye, for all you know.

(All the above is true, except the Pimp Mobile (and I suppose, my desire for a purple ass).
I did, however, burn a cigarette hole in the back seat and it looks very bad.)

PS. On the blogger with The Cancer with the son who was asking for help: no problems have I in this case at all. I know of this blogger and also of the stupid controversy that arose and think
1. Sending money to this person was a good thing
2. The Controversy was utter crap.

Edit Two off.
I have to say it although I may get some shit for this one.

Do you know what I hate?
When bloggers appeal to their readers for money, complete with ready-to-go PayPal accounts.

There could be exceptions, say in the case when their is NO DOUBT -- and I mean ZERO DOUBT -- that the blogger is absolutely who they say they are and NO DOUBT that the circumstances that have led them to ask for money are 100% true. It would help also, if the money was needed for something truly important.

Jeezum crow.
Do you know how many times I've needed cash?
Do you know how many times I could have casually dropped the email addy of my PayPal account, after filling "my readers" in on the financial woes of my life???

Better yet, I could have recruited a commenter -- or created the identity of a Caring Commenter myself, who said "Kim would never ask for this, but to those of you who care, I have set up a PayPal account for her at bleedingheartsucker@hotmail.com."

Let me tell you, if any reader ever offered me a dime, I would not take it.
Not out of pride, but because to me, it just ain't right.

I do not fully trust a blogging or commenting soul in the blogosphere that I have not personally met face to face.
And neither should you.


EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that there is a blogger who is currently asking readers to contribute to her PayPal account at this very moment.
Would you believe me if I said I wrote this post before I knew about this post?

Me either.

But then, I'm The Tally Ho, an Unwoman, a TeeHeeFunFeminist, so what do I know?